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10 Tips For Breaking Out Of Jail (From Prisoners Who Succeeded)

In Life by on March 8th, 2013

Image Source Whether it’s down to the individual’s own stupidity, over-zealous authorities, or even being framed, people can sometimes land up behind bars. Yet whatever the cause for incarceration, inmates may become desperate enough to opt for a prison break – regardless of the consequences. These 10 tips offer examples of real-life methods used by [...]

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10 Tips For Drug Free Ways To Tune Out Pain

In Life by on January 22nd, 2013

As a general rule, pain is your body’s way of letting you know something is wrong. Rather than reach for the standard over the counter (or prescribed) pain relieving remedy/ies, why not let your body take care of itself? To help in that process, we offer the following 10 Tips For Drug Free Ways To [...]


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10 Tips For Living A Life With No Regret

In Life | Relationships by on January 19th, 2013

Leading a life without any regret is a process that takes a certain amount of stamina, dedication, and above all else, honesty with your sense of self. Since what we do has less impact than who we are, it’s never too late or too early to transform the life you lead into the life you [...]


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10 Tips For Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

In Life by on December 12th, 2012

Though some disagree, it’s pretty certain that greenhouse gases are heating things up on Earth. The speed at which all living organisms are being affected is increasing every day. Fortunately there are many things that we can do to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions we produce. The most important aspect of living a more eco-friendly [...]


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10 Tips For Boosting Self Confidence

In Life by on December 3rd, 2012

To find out what you’re worth, you have to know what you are made of. The best way to figure that out is to get in touch with your self confidence and never let go. Because how you feel about and view yourself greatly affects your relationships with others, start building your potential right now [...]


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10 Tips For Holiday Shopping

In Life by on November 30th, 2012

‘Tis the season to go mad or go broke with consumerism especially if you hit the mall without a careful plan as to how to tackle every gift on your list. Formulating a plan, beginning with how much you have and want to spend, is the foundation from which you build your shopping list. Take [...]

holiday shopping

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10 Tips For Ways To Love The People In Your Life

In Life by on November 26th, 2012

Since we’re all essentially just spiritual beings trapped in human form, every experience and interaction with others is either a call for you to love them or love itself. In order to live up to our supreme potential and highest selves, there are a number of ways to increase our capacity to offer and receive [...]


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10 Tips for Happiness And Emotional Fulfillment

In Life by on November 15th, 2012

As the Dalai Lama once said, “Happiness is not something really made. It comes from your own actions.” Luckily, achieving a state of happiness is much easier than most think. It is a very human condition to desire happiness and emotional fulfillment. The path to both is as unique as the individuals traversing the roads [...]


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10 Tips For Recognizing The Benefits Of ADHD

In Life by on November 10th, 2012

If you or your child have been diagnosed with ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, chances are you are a little discouraged. The good news is you don’t have to be. With many highly intelligent, successful people managing this disorder live rich, full lives when armed with self knowledge, solid support, good mentoring, sound guidance [...]


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10 Tips For Being Successful

In Life by on November 3rd, 2012

It has been said that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks but no matter how old you may be, it’s never too late to learn something new. Especially when it comes to success. The education you received during formal studies taught you lots of information but may have been lacking in tried and [...]


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